Wallet infrastructure - made in Switzerland

pier is a wallet-as-a-service platform that makes your app blockchain ready with a few lines of code.

swiss flagBased & developed in Switzerland
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Companies of all sizes use our wallet infrastructure!

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Full capabilities of Web3 without compromising on simplicity

Seamless experience

  • Flexible user onboarding
  • No user-payed gas fees
  • Track your platform usage in our dashboard

Own your keys

  • True self-custody
  • Upholding of Web3 principles

Simple integration

  • API integration
  • Documentation and support available

Tailored security

  • No seed-phrase
  • Social recovery
  • Authenticator recovery

Next generation Wallet as a Service

Integrating our wallet infrastructure into your product is as simple as it can be: Use our SDK or connect directly to our API. Benefit from an easy documentation at your fingertips and support from our developers, when needed.

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Web3 with the user experience of Web2

ith account abstraction (ERC-4337), your users will experience Web3 without even noticing. Say goodbye to blockchain complexity.

Account Abstraction makes Web3 simple and reliable

social & authenticator app recovery remove the need for a seed phrase

The paymaster removes the bad user experience with gas fees

Transaction batching & automation increases usability & reliability

Multi Signature increases security and trust

MPC (multi party computation) allows biometric and social logins

Don't have an app yet? Customize our wallet app to your needs.

With pier wallet, we have a ready-to-use app available for you. Customize your onboarding, easily distribute tokens and NFTs and add your own content.

Check it out!

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